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Top iOS and Android resources to sharpen your skills

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This post is inspired by Ajith R Nayak's article Stayin’ On Top Of Your Game — iOS Newsletters, Blogs/Developers, Companies To Follow. This article was posted almost a year ago, and some of the resources look abandoned, but new leaders have come to the scene. Thus, this is good time to update the list.

Staying on top of your developing skills is a real challenge - new frameworks, case studies and articles for developers appear everyday.

Most developers do not have enough time for continuous searching online for something new and interesting in development. Newsletters and periodic digests make this task much simpler, because their authors dedicate the time to do this information collection job for you.

More than dozen of newsletters are available online now, and if you follow the resources below then you will get the major updates of the past week, every week.

Periodical newsletters

iOS Dev Weekly. This is the most famous (more than 45K subscribers), and oldest, iOS development digest. Since issue 299, two more authors joined - Vicc Alexander and Evan Dekhayser.

This week in Swift. Newsletter curated by Natasha Murashev (aka @NatashaTheRobot).

Indie iOS Focus Weekly. Indie newsletter curated by Chris Beshore.

The format of all three newsletters above is similar, but they perfectly complement each other.

Swift Weekly Brief. If you interested in Swift and its evolution but don’t have time to track all changed then this newsletter can be useful. This newsletter, curated by Jesse Squires, contains all important updates in proposals and discussions in the Swift Evolution community.


iOS Goodies. Community generated digest curated by Rui Peres and Tiango Almeida.

Mobile Development Digest. Curated by me and combined from all resources like Slack communities, Twitter and newsletters on different languages.

Android Dev Digest. Curated by Donn Felker, author of Fragmented podcast. Ultimate digest for Android developers.

Android Weekly. This digest is similar to previous one, but has a stable release schedule and complement Android Dev Digest in the best way.

Slack channels

iOS Developers. 15 000 iOS developers. Primary language: English

Android United. Almost 5 000 Android developers in this community. Signing form is here. Primary language: English

Android Dev BR. Brazilian Android developers. Primary language: Portuguese (but it is worth using Google Translate to get the links to these articles)


Fragmented - An Android developer podcast. Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal talk about building good software and becoming better Android developers.

Swift Talk. Screencasts about iOS development from founders of Chris Eidhof, Daniel Eggert, and Florian Kugler. Some of the Screencasts are free, but others available for subscribers only.

Blogs and communities: Source Code, Tutorials and Frameworks

You can find a lot of websites which post articles about development. Major problem is that many are stuck on basic level and it might be boring to read “Introduction to” over and over again. Here is list of web sites where you can find advanced development techniques and tutorials.

Erica Sadun. Erica is well-known person in iOS development. She post Swift tips and tricks regularly and everything on her blog is extremely useful.

Realm News. The Realm team does a great job by making transcription and publishing videos and slides from the most interesting development conferences, like Try! Swift,

Swift Algorithm Club. RW Team project supported by community. Huge collection of algorithms implemented in Swift. Each algorithm explained in details. This is a must have link in a developer’s collection.

Awesome iOS. Curated collection of iOS frameworks, tutorials, plugins and much more. Objective-C and Swift projects.

ManiacDev. Web site created and supported by Johann Dowa. This is “developers to developers” collection of tutorials, libraries and components for iOS. At this moment, this site is the best resource for iOS developers (after CO) from beginners to advanced. RW Team created huge amount of tutorials for most of Cocoa Touch frameworks, Reactive programming. They have written Android tutorials for quick start also.

GitHub Trending lists for Swift and Objective-C. Most popular repositories and developers for a current day (week or month).

TopTal Engineering Blog. A lot of articles written by community members about iOS, Android and Cross platform development. New articles appear infrequently but they are always in good quality.

Twitter newsfeeds

Flawless App. Guys behind this account repost several articles per day related to mobile development and design.

Cocoa Development. Mostly GitHub trends for Swift and Obj-C, but also repost articles about development.

Developers accounts on Twitter

Ajith R Nayak in his post made a really good job and combined 50 active developers accounts which you can follow. You may check them manually or subscribe to this list. This list is curated by me and kept updated and focused on development topics.

Should I add something to the list?

Hope this gives you a few more sources to keep improving your development skills. Do you have any other information sources that you use for this purpose?


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Alex Sergeev is a Senior iOS and Android developer at Dynamo who also curates Mobile Development Digest on his free time.