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Hockey fans look here!

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Robert Gavelin

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Web Development, UX/UI, Design Sprint

Earlier this year, media entrepreneur and hockey aficionado John Falck came to us with a vision: to create a website that aggregates ice hockey news from all over the world and provides other smart features for ice hockey fans in Sweden.

We kicked-off with a Design Sprint to learn more about the use cases, get inspiration, sketch solutions and create a clickable prototype which we tested on potential end-users. This prototype enabled John to show a concrete version of his vision to partners and sponsors, and make him confident enough to realise his vision.

We started with design and system architecture, whereafter we implemented the frontend and backend of the site. After a few months of hard work, Johns vision is live. Behold !

Read hockey news aggregated in a news flow, and choose the teams you want to follow more closely. We are super hyped about this service – what do you think?

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