Mobile is Eating the World

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Andreessen Horowitz’s and Benedict Evans presentation Mobile is Eating the World given at the firm’s recent Tech Summit 2014 provides excellent insights into how mobile is reordering the tech industry and the Internet.

He explains in detail how the mobile leverage effect is redefining the growth dynamics of startups. The typical startup in 2000 raised $10M, had 100 staff and eventually gained 1M users.  Today, Andreessen Horowitz is seeing startups raise $1M with 10 staff and gain 10M users. He points out that each wave of technology creates new businesses with mobile being the foundation of disruptive change in travel (AirBnB) and transport (Uber/Lyft).

  • The smartphone and tablet business is now nearly 50% of the global consumer electronics industry.  Benedict Evans provided a comparative analysis of quarterly unit shipments of PCs versus iOS and Android devices which is shown in the graphic below: (se bifogad bild)

Benedict Evans Keynote Speach at Tech Summit 2014:

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