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A few months back we were approached by Apple, who wanted us to develop a concept for a mobile point-of-sales solution for retail. We started with workshops and design sprints to develop UI sketches and a prototype. After testing the concept on several potential clients, it was apparent that we were onto something great.

After signing the contract with the first retail chain, we strengthened the team with some of our stellar iOS and backend developers and started bringing the product to life. This week, after a few months in stealth mode, we have now announced that the product will be spun off from Dynamo and launched by a separate company, KACHING. A core team who worked at the project within Dynamo has now moved over to the new company which will be led by Mathias Plank. Dynamo will continue to provide consultants during the next development phase.

Last week it also became official that KACHING recieved a seed investment from Creades, one of the most experienced technology investment companies in Sweden. Read more at DI Digital (in Swedish)

With this investment, KACHING will continue to grow the team, launch a great service and win many new customers. Together, we are redefining retail!

Read more at the KACHING website

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