Every piece of data points in the same direction. Look around and everything you see confirms it – everything is going mobile, and fast. With 60+ mobile development experts, we build world class mobile experiences for startups as well as international corporations.


Among our 60+ strong team of mobile focused developers, you’ll find native iOS and Android veterans, frontend/fullstack wizards, backend gurus and UX/UI experts. Use our Dynamates to beef up your own in-house team, or hire us to run your whole project on our premises.


Dynamo Concept Studio is our playground. This is where we develop our own ideas and build cool stuff. Of course, we always keep an eye on the potential for future commercialization.


Can’t get your startup off the ground? Have a great business concept and some funding, but no technical co-founder or development team? With our code-for-equity program, we lower the thresholds for great startups by giving you access to the very best for much less cash upfront.

Our recent projects

View our portfolio to get a quick review of what Dynamo can do.

How we work

Design sprints

Inspired by Google Design Sprints, Dynamo Sprints are an incredibly efficient way to test ideas and achieve real results quickly. Sprints work for startups as well as for larger businesses . Get in touch and we’ll tell you more about how we can accelerate your business through sprints!

Our Team

Dynamo is diversity in action. Our team features people from four continents and 20 or so different countries. We’re bringing the best talent to our HQ in Stockholm rather than outsourcing your work. Why? Because in our experience, high speed innovation benefits from the ability to meet and collaborate in person when necessary.


The vast majority of our Dynamates are developers. At the heart of our teams you usually find native iOS and Android developers, joined by backend engineers and full stack developers. We can handle a range of different backend technologies, but tend to favor Python, Golang or Java.


Within the design team you’ll find people covering the whole range of design related skills, from technically oriented UX design and user research to pure visual design. In Google Design Sprint projects, one of our design team members typically plays a facilitating role in addition to working on prototyping.


In our experience, no two projects are the same. So our project managers aren’t all the same either. What unites them, apart from a great deal of experience managing complex projects, is their passion for keeping an eye on what really matters: The end result.

We are hiring

Dynamo is growing fast and we are always on the lookout for talents. This is what we are looking for right now:

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